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Air duct cleaning is a service that often gets over looked by customers. A good reason to believe it is so, is due to the hidden space of the vents inside our ceiling. However, the air ducts that stretch around our home build up dirt, dust and bacteria over time, just like any other surface. Therefore, a professional air duct cleaning service is recommended once every several years. In homes where filters are changed often and home cleaning is done on regular basis, the cleaning periods can prolong. Meaning, in a clean home we find that on average, once every 5 years air duct cleaning is necessary. However, in homes where we find lack of maintenance and the main air intake is dirty, an immediate air duct cleaning service is a must.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Is In The Details

Moreover, due to the many angles and corners the air ducts are running through in our attic, cleaning the ducts is difficult. A powerful negative air machine is advised in order to lift up the tough dust and debree. Also, in many cases agitation and fogging for removing bacteria is also advised. For these issues we are always prepared. In addition, before starting the air duct cleaning service we inspect the attic and the air ducts in order to know if the condition allows for a professional air duct cleaning.

Best Air Duct Cleaning Service

The attic and your air ducts are very delicate. In many attics when we go up to inspect we find droppings and at times asbestos as well. Therefore, it is important to know how to approach these issues. Moreover, if your air ducts are old and torn, there is a chance that you are breathing the bacteria from the feces and the air infected with asbestos.
So, extreme caution is necessary, while experience in resolving such issues is always a must. That is why we advise to choose the best air duct cleaning service in Orange County, in order to provide adequet solutions. When we run into asbestos and/or other issues in your air ducts and attic, we use the proper methods in order to clean and ensure the safety of the home.
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